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This page shows business listings of all kinds in Leeds beginning with the letter K. You can also view listings by type of business or by area of Leeds.

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  • K O J Group

    Printers (Office & Administration) in Industrial Estate, Morley.
    Tel: 0113-252 3220
    Address: Unit 6ATingley/Bar Industrial Estate, Tingley Common, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27
  • K P Coolican

    Plasterers, Screeders & Dry Lining Contractors (Business at Home) in Selby Road, Garforth.
    Tel: 0113-286 7137
    Address: 78 Selby Road, Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25
  • K P M G

    Accountants (Office & Administration) in The Embankment, Neville Street.
    Tel: 0113-231 3000
    Address: 1 The Embankment, Neville Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
  • K P M Moisture Meters Aqua Boy

    Electronic Equipment - Manufacturers & Assemblers (Business at Home) in Harrogate View, Harrogate View.
    Tel: 0113-268 5054
    Address: Manndalin, Harrogate View, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17
  • K P Motor Cycles

    Motor Cycles & Scooters (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Compton Road, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-235 1232
    Address: 37 Compton Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9
  • K R Duckett

    Electricians & Electrical Contractors (Business at Home) in Mawcroft Close, Yeadon.
    Tel: 0113-250 4972
    Address: 18 Mawcroft Close, Yeadon, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS19
  • K Rouse Civil Engineers

    Civil Engineers (Head Office) in Wyther Lane, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113 204 6900
    Address: 2 Wyther Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS5
  • K S C Partnerships

    Project Management (Office & Administration) in Dewsbury Road, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-277 1108
    Address: 116 Dewsbury Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11
  • K S M School Of Motoring

    Driving Schools (Business at Home) in Brownberrie Avenue, Horsforth.
    Tel: 0113-258 6154
    Address: 18 Brownberrie Avenue, Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS18
  • K S Motors

    Garage Services (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-216 3999
    Address: Cleveleys Mount, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11
  • K T Conveyancing

    Conveyancing Services (Office & Administration) in Harehills Lane, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-249 3333
    Address: 321 Harehills Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9
  • K T Pickford

    Agricultural Contractors (Business at Home) in Bridle Path Road, Bridle Path Road.
    Tel: 0113-273 7013
    Address: Alban Villa, Bridle Path Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17
  • K T Roofing

    Roofing Services (Business at Home) in Compton View, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-240 0777
    Address: 6 Compton View, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9
  • K T S Wire Industries

    Wire Products - Manufacturers (Factories & Manufacturing) in South Street, Morley.
    Tel: 0113-253 2421
    Address: Park Mills, South Street, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27
  • K T Transport Pudsey

    Business in Ryecroft Court, Leeds.
    Address: 5 Ryecroft Court, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS13
  • K Thackray

    Plumbers (Business at Home) in Sandmead Close, Morley.
    Tel: 0113-252 5248
    Address: 15 Sandmead Close, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27
  • K V C Kleenacar

    Car Valet Services (Office & Administration) in Valley Farm Way, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-276 2100
    Address: Valley Farm Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10
  • K V Teale & Sons

    Builders (Business at Home) in Fairway, Guiseley.
    Tel: 01943 879772
    Address: 2 Fairway, Guiseley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS20
  • K W

    Estate Agents (Head Office) in Upper Town Street, Bramley.
    Tel: 0113-255 6351
    Address: 298 Upper Town Street, Bramley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS13
  • K W A Marketing

    Marketing Consultants & Services (Office & Administration) in Green Lane, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-260 3003
    Address: 137A Green Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15
  • K W Mitford

    Dentists (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Moor View, Headingley.
    Tel: 0113-275 2888
    Address: 1 Moor View, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6
  • K Walmsley & Sons

    Farming - Mixed (Factories & Manufacturing) in Bramham Road, Thorner.
    Tel: 0113-289 2242
    Address: Norwood House, Bramham Road, Thorner, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14
  • K&K Vitamin

    Business in Harehills Lane, Leeds.
    Address: 501 Harehills Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9
  • K-Bins

    Boxes & Cartons (Office & Administration) in Kirk Lane, Yeadon.
    Tel: 0113-250 9777
    Address: Westfield Mills, Kirk Lane, Yeadon, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS19
  • K2 Management Company

    Business in Ring Road, West Park.
    Address: C/O Spring House, Suite 5 Wira House, Ring Road, West Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16
  • K2 Roofline

    Roofing Supplies & Materials (Factories & Manufacturing) in Astley Way, Swillington.
    Tel: 0113-287 3666
    Address: 6 Astley Way, Astley La Industrial Estate, Swillington, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26
  • K9 Beauty Parlour

    Dog Clipping & Grooming (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Station Road, Kippax.
    Address: Station Road, Kippax, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25
  • Kaam Holdings

    Business in Stone Pits Lane, Stone Pits Lane.
    Address: Unit T Gildersome Spur Industrial Estate, Stone Pits Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27
  • Kacey Scaffolding

    Scaffolding Erectors & Hirers (Business at Home) in Manor Farm Way, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-271 1170
    Address: 2 Manor Farm Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10
  • Kafait Travel

    Business in Hyde Park Road, Leeds.
    Address: 21 Hyde Park Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6
  • Kahnz (Yorkshire)

    Business in Northside Business Park, Northside Business Park.
    Address: Unit 7 Sheepscar Court, Northside Business Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7
  • Kaiote

    Business in Station Road, Horsforth.
    Address: 11 Station Road, Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS18
  • Kakadu

    Business in Sandringham Crescent, Leeds.
    Address: 80 Sandringham Crescent, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17
  • Kaleidoscope

    Nurseries & Creches (School & Educational Establishments) in Albert Road, Morley.
    Tel: 0113-289 7118
    Address: Albert Road, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27
  • Kaleidoscope

    Photographers - Advertising & Commercial (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Broad Lane, Broad Lane.
    Tel: 0113-239 3200
    Address: Lower Westfield House, Broad Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS13
  • Kaleidoscope Day Nurseries

    Nurseries & Creches (School & Educational Establishments) in Station Road, Morley.
    Tel: 0113-253 4968
    Address: 4 Station Road, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27
  • Kaleidoscope Tattoo Design

    Tattooing & Piercing (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Kirkgate, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-244 5502
    Address: 96 Kirkgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2
  • Kall Kwik

    Printers (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Burley Road, Burley Road.
    Tel: 0113 274 9532
    Address: Unit 5, Burley Hill Trading Estate, Burley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4
  • Kall Kwik

    Printers (Office & Administration) in Royds Hall Road, Royds Hall Road.
    Tel: 0113-263 6333
    Address: Unit 10/Pavilion Business Park, Royds Hall Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12
  • Kalon Decorative Products

    Paint Manufacturers (Office & Administration) in Wide Lane, Morley.
    Tel: 0113-238 2726
    Address: Wide Lane, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27
  • Kamrans Solicitors

    Solicitors (Head Office) in Woodhouse Square, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-245 5000
    Address: Waverley House, 14 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3
  • Kanjo

    Business in Whitehall Riverside, Leeds.
    Address: Bond Dickinson Llp, 1 Whitehall Riverside, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
  • Kaos Karaoke

    Karaoke (Business at Home) in Bolton Road, Yeadon.
    Tel: 0113-250 1942
    Address: Bolton Road, Yeadon, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS19
  • Karate In Schools

    Business in Northgate, Leeds.
    Address: Northgate, 118 North Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2
  • Karate International

    Martial Arts Instruction (Sports, Leisure, Entertainment) in Stanningley Road, Stanningley Road.
    Tel: 0113-256 7400
    Address: Second Floor/Swinnow Grange Mills, Stanningley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS13
  • Kardex Systems

    Storage & Shelving Systems Manufacturers (Office & Administration) in Merlin Close, Morley.
    Tel: 0113-307 5831
    Address: 28 Merlin Cl, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27
  • Kare Plus

    Nursing Agencies (Office & Administration) in Shannon Street, Shannon Street.
    Tel: 0113-248 6538
    Address: Sandway Business Centre, Shannon Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9
  • Karen Cabry

    Driving Schools (Business at Home) in Westbury Place North, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-277 5688
    Address: 22 Westbury Pl North, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10
  • Karen Millen

    Business in Victoria Quarter, Victoria Quarter.
    Tel: 0113 244 6505
    Address: 2 Queen Victoria Street, Victoria Quarter, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
  • Karens

    Hairdressers & Hair Stylists - Ladies' (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Thorpe Lane, Leeds.
    Tel: 0113-270 0880
    Address: 69 Thorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10

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