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Buslingthorpe Lane

Buslingthorpe Lane is a lane in North Leeds with various businesses.


A B I Garage Doors Ltd

A B I Garage Doors Ltd is a company which supplies and fits garage doors of various sizes and types.

Address: 159 Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DQ

Alwoodley Glass & Glazing Ltd

Alwoodley Glass & Glazing Ltd is a double glazing company providing a range of double glazing solutions for different types of window.

Address: Ion Dyson Buildings, Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DQ

Excellent Food Co Ltd

Excellent Food Co Ltd is a manufacturer of a variety of food types.

Address: 151 Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DF

IMS Motor Services

IMS Motor Services is a garage which provides various auto services including repairs and fitting.

Address: 123 Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2TQ

John Stansfeld Ltd

Steel Stockholders

Address: Springwell Works, Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DF


Leeds MOT Centre

Leeds MOT Centre is a garage providing MOT tests for a range of different motor vehicles.

Address: 123 Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DB

PC Motors

PC Motors is a vehicle repair company offering a range of repair, fitting and maintenance services for various vehicles.

Address: Unit 5/Hilltop Works, Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DB


Sixdecibels is a computer retailer selling a variety of computers, computer components and other accessories.

Address: 159-163 Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DQ

Sunuser Ltd

Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers and Installers

Address: 157 Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DQ

The Locke Group

The Locke Group is a manufacturer of various fabrics and clothing items.

Address: Scott Hall Mills, Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2HT

Vehicle Disposal Services

Vehicle Disposal Services offers car breaking and dismantling services and a variety of recycled car parts.

Address: Hilltop Works, 123 Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DB



Address: Scott Hall Mills, Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2HT

Reviews of Establishments on Buslingthorpe Lane

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After Service. - review of Sunuser by Sjm

Have had solar panels, thermal, since 1986 from Sunuser and the service period is 5 years. Not bad, but as the company is based in Yorkshire trying to arrange a suitable date /... More »

An elderly neighbour recommended sunuser to me - review of Sunuser by Frances

I have just had a service done on my solar hot water system, recommended by a elderly neighbour who has been using sunuser for about 10 years when she had it instaled, and... More »

Over 30 years of good service - review of Sunuser by Richard Newman

I first invested in solar water heating over 30 years ago. In the last 3 years I had 6 and now 12 PV panels fitted. No hard sell, no hassles. It is a... More »

Is Beejay related to Bejay? - review of Sunuser by Anonymouos

Big coincidence that two positive reviews pop up with such similar names! One can only suspect the company read the poor reviews and hastily added some complimentary ones - unconvincingly so.... More »

Is it worth paying for a service? - review of Sunuser by Marie

I bought a house with solar panels. Worrying that people have complained about this company targeting old people - the previous owner was in his 90s and could never have saved the... More »

Twenty years on with Sunuser - review of Sunuser by GR Wilson

I paid about £6000 twenty years ago thinking that our large family home would benefit and our hot water bills would be less. They were. In the summer we turned the gas boiler off and... More »

Personal friendly service. - review of John Stansfeld by Ricky.

I have used them on a number of occasions to provide me with various lengths of steel and some sheet metal for my own projects. Their knowledge, helpfulness, quick deivery and reliability along with... More »

A great company to do business with - review of Sunuser by John Adams

Having asked our local plumber, here in the NE of Scotland, to install solar thermal (hot water) panels some two years ago (2009) we happened to mention the problem of finding a reliable... More »

Watch Out for Hidden Costs - review of Sunuser by Roy Cromack

We had a Sunuser hot water system fitted in Feb 02. We had reservations about the pressure selling and discounted completely the salesman's preposterous claim that the system would pay for itself in... More »

Are you paying interest - review of Sunuser by Birthday boy

Then why risk sinking money into PV ? Pay off your certain interest bearing loan first then consider investments !!! PV how much is a new invertor if that fails in 5... More »

What is the ROI on £10000.00 - review of Sunuser by Lodger

I believe that solar panels are one of the best additions in terms of water heating to any property on the gas network. Air and ground source heat pumps do not presently make a... More »

Sunuser gets the bird! One for sorrow, two for joy - review of Sunuser by Hawkeye

Whilst happy enough with the Sunuser panels, when they are working, they are NOT working on a regular basis. The problem is birds - clever ones: magpies. They have discovered that... More »

Really Pleased - review of Sunuser by Brenda H

I have recently had Sunuser Ltd of Leeds call to see me about Their solar system. I found the rep to be pleasant, well informed and well able to answer my questions. His... More »

Pleased with our decision - review of Sunuser by Keith Hannay

I had our Sunuser solar system installed in 2001, in fairness it has done exactley as the rep said. may to september, depending on the weather,we get most of our hot water needs... More »

Don't think I'll respond to the letter: - review of Sunuser by Anomymous

- It seems a bit odd to me that 2 positive reviews that turned up immediately were both signed 'beejay' - one spelt 'bejay'....... More »

Catching then heat - review of Sunuser by Malcolm Gee

I had Sunuser fitted in 1994 and have had excellent result Ithas reduced heating bills quite dramatically... More »

The best decision I have made ! - review of Sunuser by Bejay

I asked sunuser to call to see me following receipt of a letter in the post. Not only did the chap arrive on time but explained eerything to me and offered contact with... More »

WOULD BE BUYER NEEDS HELP!!! - review of Sunuser by Annette Marney

I have just had the two odd hour interview with the rep, who didn't provide ID. He was talking only of the deal on offer for most of the time, and I wanted... More »

Sunny sunuser for solar - review of Sunuser by Tracy Goldman

I am really pleased that I chose Sunuser for my solar system. they were a bit dearer but I am sure I got a better system than others that are around. I was... More »

A Company in a million - review of Sunuser by Beejay

I responded to an advert letter sent to me by Sunuser Ltd of Leeds. Although ID was not presented to me at my door, when I asked, ID was provided. My experience of sunuser is... More »

Hard-sell stinks - review of Sunuser by Anonymous

I can't comment on the product or efficiency of Sunuser. The selling technique used left me feeling very angry and foolish. No factual information was given over the 'phone prior to a salesman coming... More »


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