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Leeds Road

There are a number of places called "Leeds Road" in Leeds. Leeds Road, Barwick in Elmet, Leeds Road, Bramhope, Leeds Road, Guiseley, Leeds Road, Harewood, Leeds Road, Kippax View complete list of places called Leeds Road in Leeds and its surrounding area


Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd

Woodburning Stoves

Address: Rawdon Factory, Leeds Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS19 6JY

Parklane Furniture

We are one of the UK's major retailers of classical reproduction furniture. We sell classic English furniture in dark mahogany, mellow mahogany and yew.

Address: Leeds Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS21 1BT

Powerbetter Developments Ltd


Address: The Nookin, 48 Leeds Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 8JY

Reviews of Establishments on Leeds Road

Find out what people are saying about places on Leeds Road.

No regard for safety - review of Gardiner Colours by Anonymous

This company has already cost one persons life and I know of more who could have died . Most of the workforce are idle and lazy and the managing director does not have... More »

Strewing Area - review of Rawdon Crematorium by Margaret McGeachy

This area is so poor and dismal. Muddy and slippery if wet, bare of vegetation and altogether a most unsuitable place. I would be very reluctant to return to visit the spot.... More »

Ash tip - review of Rawdon Crematorium by Ackers

Whilst this crematorium and its grounds is in a calm and leafy setting, and well maintained, the "strewing area" is awful. It is like a rubbish tip for disposing of your relatives!... More »

Please read - review of Rawdon Crematorium by Faith atkinson

I agree that you should be able to leave flowers etc on birthdays, anniversarys, christmas etc. Thses can be removed by the family after the event at on cost to the crematorium.... More »

Laying Florwers - review of Rawdon Crematorium by A Wilkinson

My Fiancee sadly passed away in March this year - Whilst Rawdon is lovely i do think you should be able to lay flowers at the plaques and the Rose Bushes or Tree... More »

Re plaque - review of Rawdon Crematorium by Anonymous

You can contact Lawnswood crematorium they deal with plaques and roses trees i have both it cost us £297 for 10 years i dont know if you can get them seperate or not.... More »

Flowers etc - review of Rawdon Crematorium by Justine Potter

My sister died at the age of 40 and was cremated at Rawden. We have a bush and plaque in her honour. The grounds are beautiful and are well looked after.... More »

Disco @ Rothwell Labour Club - review of Rothwell Labour Club by Dave Sounds

As a mobile Disco ive worked at Rothwell Labour Club at least 6 times.Its a small friendly warm club with good facilities for parties. Theres a comfortable concert room with a small raised stage... More »

Re Plaques and Rose tree - review of Rawdon Crematorium by Miss Devanny

My dad died on 28th may 2008 We have got a plaque and a rose tree at rawdon for him. we scattered dads ashes in the shrewing gardens i go up and take... More »

Okay - review of Rawdon Crematorium by N/a

My granma ryder died a few years and was cremated at rawdon crematirium. the thing i hate the most is how you can not have placks and leave flowers down since they will... More »

NOT ANYMORE - review of Decoration Depot by Anonymous

I found that the asistant there was very polite and was everything a perfect shopkeeper could be. Whereas the manager was grumpy and didn't look as if he would attract customers. He wasn't... More »

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